Casino City's North American Gaming Almanac - 2024 Edition Sample Pages

North America Casino City’s North American Gaming Almanac 16 American Gaming Association, GGW brings women in gaming together to form a network to share experiences and best practices. Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals 11709 Boulder Lane Suite 110 Austin, Texas 78726-1832 (512) 249-5333 or (800) 646-4387 Fax: (512) 249-1533 Founded in 1952, HFTP is an international association for financial and technology professionals who work in the hospitality industry, including hotels, resorts and casinos. The group provides seminars, resources and extensive networking connections for its members. International Association of Gaming Advisors PO Box 92495 Henderson, Nevada (702) 355-4512 Fax: (702) 543-6159 Formed in 1980, IAGA is a worldwide nonprofit organization that provides a forum for discussing important issues in global gaming. IAGA holds educational and networking events that foster collaboration among those involved in the gaming industry. International Association of Gaming Regulators 7881 West Charleston Boulevard Suite 155 Las Vegas, Nevada 89117-8326 (314) 973-4784 The International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR) is composed of regulators from around the world who aim to further the efficacy of gaming regulations. The group provides a forum for discussing matters of policy and common interest as well as a point of contact for regulatory matters within the industry. International Center for Responsible Gaming 900 Cummings Center Suite 216-U Beverly, Massachusetts 01915-6182 (978) 338-6610 Fax: (978) 552-8452 Formerly known as the National Center for Responsible Gambling, the ICRG is an organization that supports education and funding for problem gambling research. The group is dedicated to helping understand and address gambling disorders. International Esports Federation 615, 6F, Suyeonggangbyeon-daero 140 Haeundae-gu Korea, Republic of The International Esports Federation works to promote Esports as a true sport beyond barriers. International Federation of Horseracing Authorities 46 Place Abel Gance 92655 Boulogne Cedex France +33 1 49 10 20 15 Fax: +33 1 47 61 93 32 The IFHA was officially established in 1993 to develop rules for horse breeding, racing and wagering; promote the welfare of jockeys and horses; and protect the quality of racing. The federation's annual International Conference addresses matters pertaining to horse racing and breeding. International Federation of Match Poker Avenue de France 28 1004 Lausanne Switzerland The International Federation of Match Poker (IFMP) is the governing body of sports poker, promoting poker and its Match Poker variation as a skill game and a mind sport. Having evolved from its original seven member nations to more than 50 federations, IFMP is now the hub for a thriving world poker community. International Gambling Counselor Certification Board Inc 20 Cedar Boulevard Suite 204 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15228 The International Gambling Counselor Certification Board (IGCCB) was established to offer voluntary National/International certifications that assure a body of qualified and competent professionals working in the field of clinical treatment of individuals with at-risk, problematic and disordered gambling and their families/concerned others. Certification standards established by the IGCCB represent the current best practices in the field of disordered gambling and gaming treatment. International Gaming Standards Association 5177 Brandin Court Fremont, California 94538 (510) 492-4060 Officially formed in 1998, the International Gaming Standards Association works to develop standards for the benefit of the gaming industry. An international trade group, IGSA aims to further the interests of manufacturers, suppliers, operators and regulators while promoting innovation and productivity. International Masters of Gaming Law PO Box 27106 Las Vegas, Nevada The IMGL is a nonprofit association of gaming attorneys, regulators, educators, executives and consultants focused on education and the exchange of professional information. Through the group's conferences, publications and networking opportunities, members address issues of international gaming law. International Social Games Association London United Kingdom Founded in 2013, the International Social Games Association (ISGA) resulted from the merger of the Social Games Association and the International Social Games Coalition. The nonprofit group represents social games companies in legal, regulatory and commercial matters. The ISGA's chief aim is to educate others about what the industry does and how it works through research, policy debates and the development of best practice principles. North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries One South Broadway Geneva, Ohio 44041-1827