Casino City's North American Gaming Almanac - 2022-2023 Edition Sample Pages

Casino City’s North American Gaming Almanac 8 Casino City’s online service complements the print edition of the almanac with a variety of features and additional information. You can click through on revenue and financial data reported to view a complete archive of the underlying documents. Interactive maps are provided showing the location of every gaming property covered in the almanac. You can zoom in on the maps to see close-up satellite images of properties and click on a property icon to see its details. A market analyzer tool is provided that shows a variety of statistics for a given gaming property in relation to all properties in a designated surrounding geographic area. More than 1,800 annual reports of gaming business operating in North America are also available in addition to the online version of every edition of this almanac. The creation of the print and online edition of Casino City’s North American Gaming Almanac and Casino City’s online service and the development of the infrastructure required to support their production and the production of other gaming analyst products was a massive effort involving many disciplines by a team of very dedicated people. We’re proud of the effort put forth by every employee of Casino City Press. Steve Bloom, Vice President of Engineering, has overall responsibility for the software engineering efforts required to create the new editions of the almanac and online service, including database design, dataentry applications and data extract procedures. In addition to managing the design and layout of the online service, Andrea Mullaney, created the cover artwork for the almanac and the graphics and product tutorial included in the online service. Paul Mogilevsky, Publications Project Manager, has overall product management responsibility and worked closely with the development and content teams to manage the research, analysis and production work required to publish this new edition of the almanac. Paul was a major contributor, gathering financial data, compiling property and game counts, updating gaming jurisdiction summary descriptions, creating maps and performing quality assurance reviews and final book production. Casino City’s content team is responsible for most of our data collection and update efforts. Simply stated, the new edition of the almanac and online service would not exist without the dedication of the entire content team. Nancy Reiff and Bowman Healey were responsible for the updated property lists, property details, property locations, associations, and agency and commission data included in this edition. Gary Trask and Jarrod LeBlanc were responsible for gaming jurisdiction descriptions. Other content development team members include Michael Zadig, Carol Heller, Daniel Ippolito and Nancy Troy. Dr. Alan Meister, of Meister Economic Consulting, contributed research on Native American gaming ensuring this almanac includes all Indian gaming facilities. Finally, we’d like to thank you, our customer. It is your words of encouragement and appreciation, your suggestions, and your overwhelming acceptance of our products that make our efforts both rewarding and possible. Michael A. Corfman Sylvia F. Corfman Chief Executive Officer Chief Operating Officer Casino City Press Casino City Press