Casino City's North American Gaming Almanac - 2022-2023 Edition Sample Pages

United States Casino City’s North American Gaming Almanac 163 United States The United States gaming industry includes large- and smallscale commercial and tribal casinos, card rooms, lotteries, parimutuel wagering, charitable bingo, racinos, sports betting and other games. It also permits online gaming. Many states continue to look to gaming to solve their budget problems, either by increasing the tax rates gaming operators pay or by introducing new forms of gaming. Certain types of tribal gaming require tribes to enter into compacts with states and to be overseen by the National Indian Gaming Commission on the federal level, though most tribes are self-regulating. State governments regulate pari-mutuel racing, while interstate simulcasts are governed by the federal Interstate Horseracing Act. Pari-mutuel wagering on live horse races, once a profitable gaming activity, has experienced a significant decline over the last 30 years. In an effort to save the racing industry, many states have allowed slot machines to be installed at racetracks. These facilities are commonly known as racinos. The year 2013 was a landmark year for online gaming in the United States. New Jersey and Delaware began licensing and regulating online casinos. Nevada began licensing and regulating online poker. All three states now have operational online gaming sites. Pennsylvania officially became the fourth state in the U.S. to legalize online poker and casino games when a bill was signed into law in October 2017 that authorized and regulates online gambling and West Virginia followed in 2019. In early 2021, Michigan launched online sports betting, poker, and gambling. Interstate poker player liquidity sharing between Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware began in May 2018. In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, total nationwide consumer spending on commercial gaming was down from 2019 and represented the industry’s lowest annual revenue total since 2003. All states with physical commercial casino gaming reported lower revenue than in 2019. 2020 Revenue 2020 Change in Gaming Revenue Revenue by Gaming Activity Revenue in Millions USD 2017 2018 2019 2020 Casino/Card Rooms 45,770.14 47,339.68 48,562.55 31,294.84 Charitable Gaming 1,739.57 1,677.52 1,637.26 1,427.44 Lotteries 27,159.68 28,888.33 29,220.49 31,404.72 Online Gaming 248.00 301.29 515.43 1,517.66 Race Wagering 2,076.68 1,992.00 1,871.07 1,549.35 Sports Betting 248.78 428.84 966.40 1,687.86 Tribal Gaming 32,848.95 33,978.89 34,851.56 25,004.39 Total 110,091.81 114,606.55 117,624.75 93,886.28